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About Hui Qing

Brand profile
Shanghai Huiqing Trade Co. Ltd. is a professional provider of shower room and shower room accessories, is a set design, development, production and sales as one of the modern shower room, shower room accessories and related products, professional platform.

Hui Qing company powerful resource platform, with precipitation and accumulation of more than and 10 years of industry shower room, shower room, focus on R and D, parts and accessories production and sales. With careful design, lean production, fine management, sincere service business principles, to provide high quality products for the different location and different levels of partners distributors and vendors, manufacturing first-class products for you, the products are sold throughout the country and Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East and other countries and regions, is the ideal choice for many customers engaged in shower room products.

You can see, I do better you can hear, I can show you can think of, I can do: you have needs, I have to respond." Purpose and vision to serve the shower room industry.

Hui Qing people will work with you hand in hand to create brilliant: Join Hui Qing platform to enjoy the success of the future!

Hui Qing strength

Every day,Millions of people start their new day with green products. Our customers rely on us, day after day, year after year. They are also the most serious critics and information feedback. Our products are manufactured for long-term use. We are committed to providing the ultimate product satisfaction, in order to clarify this point, we provide true and unique security, the security is greatly beyond the law, will be our competitors far behind.
Hui Qing provides 10 years of protection for functional components, which constitute our outstanding technical performance. This extension is a bold interpretation of our commitment to provide strong support to business partners, professional customers and end users。
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