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China bathroom industry surging thirty years

2017-02-27 10:49:31

Thirty years ago, the initial reform and opening up, Chinese modern bathroom industry began to sprout, hear the south, North and West Fotao Tang Tao, four East and Merrill Lynch, was full of diamonds, the color of China, they become the bathroom industry that the era of beach goers, production of Tao Ciwei bath products in short supply. Some time ago, and friends chatted Wuhan Han street, at that time, a bathroom products, did not dare to talk about, will be sufficient to show that the agents looted, sanitary products and other products, is the need to plan for scarce goods. In the era of material scarcity, if someone can always on behalf of a brand, at that time is a great achievement, making money is a natural thing, the key is that you can not get the goods. Batch sliver, let go of the relationship between the era of sales executives have supreme power.

First, 2000 years ago: the original accumulation of money on the product

From 90s onwards, with Cheng Lin, Aureno, Joe, and other bathroom Taiwan enterprises invest in the mainland, the mainland has a new understanding of the bathroom products, some high-end hotel began to drop to hot and cold hot metal faucet, double handle faucet. During this period, many Taiwan funded enterprises consider the export growth, more is to expand the factory, increase production to meet the needs of foreign markets. But in this process, the intangible culture of more than bath talent, for now, the vast majority of China's bathroom industry has come from several factories. The sanitary ware market well-known Arrow, Jomoo, at that time was still a toddler, four sanitary ceramics factory is still in the pure state management, which also became the first Chinese Chongqing four-dimensional bathroom industry listed companies. In contrast, many bathroom companies still want to enter the securities market but can not enter the door. Can not be said, the fight is not the courage of entrepreneurs wisdom, sanitary enterprises those bold quickly gain a foothold in the market.

Two, 2001-2010: bathroom market doubled gold 10 years

Time into 2000, China's bathroom industry began a round of reform of the country's retreat, some enterprises began to scale privatization, more private enterprises began to seize the 10 years, began to leap forward development. Over the past 10 years, China's real estate price growth reached 10-20 times, gave birth to a large number of real estate, the house became the only means of preserving the value of many Chinese people, this time the demand for the bathroom began blowout growth. To Arrow and four families in Nanan as the representative of the sanitary enterprises, channel construction in large scale, occupied the terminal agent resources. The Taiwanese brand, unwilling to lower prices, full coverage of the channel, the Nanan sanitary ware brand easily realize the rural areas surrounding the city, the city finally had to give these brands give way. This kind of marketing mode in Fujian, and that the outcome of the civil war in this era have different approaches but equally satisfactory results provide development opportunities, natural to those who pay attention to brand channel construction, most of the force in the channel construction of the brand have achieved good results, complete both double construction plant size or brand ability.

Three, 2011-2015: bathroom industry integration and change for 5 years

From 2011 onwards, with the strict control of the real estate, many brands are beginning to feel the pressure of sales growth, especially those that leverage the brand force, channel construction is not so effective, many channel agents earn enough renovation subsidies. In this era of competition, channel advantage is no longer the only competitive advantage, many agents face scarce passenger flow, low probability of customer turnover. Then, a sword as promotion turned blaze, a few years time, the consumers from perceptual into more and more rational. In the past, not how a planning promotion, also do not need residential marketing, WeChat marketing, QQ group marketing, big data precision marketing, is to pull the promotional banner, please some models, in the street called several promotional activities, newspaper advertising, can make millions, even tens of millions of sales. In 2010-2012 the crazy promotion era, promotion is like a knife, often made very good effect, but at the same time, the group purchase bargain will, is the last one to get emotional consumer nonexistent. In recent years, whether it is brand promotion or alliance group purchase bargain will make many agents have begun to sigh, vulnerable, sanitary industry whether brands or agents, are seeking to change the way. The current sanitary industry, need is the growing up of intensive and meticulous farming. All kinds of brand transformation, upgrade the brand began to emerge, in this way, the original advanced are already beginning to feel pressure, the massive expansion of part of the brand started to taste the bitter fruit.

30 years of sanitary ware industry, China's reform and opening up surging in the past thirty years. Thirty years, no matter which industry has undergone significant changes, the bathroom industry is to complete the rapid growth from the bud to maturity and strong competition stage. The future of the industry is bound to continue to capture the trend of social change, and grasp the trend of leading enterprises.

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