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Wei enterprise green road to witness the force

2017-02-27 10:44:37

Rise era, the pressure of large enterprises bathroom

In this way to see the rise of the times, the operating costs of sanitary enterprises climbing, coupled with the cost of production and processing of bathroom, bathroom products profits are compressed to one to 20%. In Shenyang Faku County as an example, the annual ceramic sanitary enterprises in the region of ceramic fragments, ceramic white mud, ceramic pieces angle grinding waste powder reached more than 20 tons of garbage on the other. Ceramic waste can not be degraded, can only be buried, do not calculate the cost of emissions, but the cost of labor and labor has made it difficult for enterprises to withstand.

For a long time, the waste generated in the production of sanitary ware not only let the headache of the enterprise, but also to the government for its damage to the environment and big brains. In the bathroom waste treatment early, because of the lack of recycling technologies, sanitary waste is the enterprise as a "burden", as "junk" as resolved by the method of simple landfill, or be used to landfill gully, roadbed, and even more directly down the road, farmland, canals and other places. Because of the waste can not be decomposed, waste materials and chemical substances, which seriously polluted the water, air and soil environment.

Resources can also maximize the use of waste gold"

A lot of waste with high processing fees for bathroom enterprises have to find another way out, such as sanitary waste reuse will undoubtedly save up the bathroom business spending a small fortune. In recent years, many sanitary enterprises have strengthened the recycling of non renewable resources and other research projects, from the source to reduce the generation of pollutants, made substantial achievements.

A sanitary enterprises responsible person said, in order to achieve the waste recycling, processing a large number of companies use pieces of equipment of advanced ceramic waste, turning waste into treasure. These devices can eat 150 thousand tons of ceramic waste every year. A variety of waste brick has been widely used as raw materials, various types of ceramic tiles of sludge residue has also been applied to the formulation of green.

In the path of saving resources, in addition to the recycling of waste materials, the use of low-grade raw materials for the production of bathroom is an important means of saving resources. The sanitary ware industry, saving resources is to save raw material, and the body for bathroom tile total raw material 95%, so, in recent years, many industry experts have proposed bathroom tile thinning and utilization of low grade raw materials to produce recommendations.

In the bathroom through the recycling of waste, experts said, the current sanitary waste recycling technology has been very mature, but there are many companies have successfully developed a new type of sanitary waste by using green building materials, sanitary waste recycling proved that this way is feasible, should insist, to maximize the utilization of resources.

The sanitary waste recycling not only saves the production cost, also in line with the current development trend, the country is a stock reform of environmental wind, sanitary enterprises environmental transformation road as "imminent, had hair". Therefore, as well as taking advantage of this situation inside and outside the bathroom bathroom excellent opportunity to successfully transition to win new development.

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